Using games as a way to educate and tell stories

One of the best ways to learn is through play. We bring the experience to translate your teaching objective into Minecraft worlds and gamify any experience.

We are Shapescape. Since 2013 we have sought to educate children through play and create interactive art pieces through Minecraft.

We are proud of our creations



Add EPIC DRAGONS to your world!

Dexi Ville - An image of 5 animals wandering through a Swedish village with a Minecraft character ''Sam'' among them. Sam is holding an ''A'' letter block.

Dexi Ville

The Wordcraft Adventure! Learning to read is unique for everyone. Dexi and friends welcome all! Build reading confidence in Dexi Ville, unlock animals' stories, and collect pages for a never-ending book. Discover the magic!


Planet Earth III

Experience survival as predator and prey!


Artemis: Rocket Builds

Blast off to the Moon with Artemis: Rocket Builds in Minecraft Education!


Warden Dimension

Go even deeper than the deep dark! Discover the Warden Dimension! A completely new dimension to explore! Explore dark, eerie biomes full of monstrous creatures, unique weapons, and epic items. Face the deadly Warden Queen boss and unlock the secrets of this otherworldly realm!


Frozen Planet 2

Explore the worlds of Frozen Planet 2 in Minecraft, learn and document about wonderful animals and see how our world is being affected by rapid changes in our climate!

Some cool stats!


increase in knowledge recall when taught through gamification

28 million

people have played our games


games published


Cloud Storage is coming to Minecraft Education: What it means

We're thrilled to see the announcement of a game-changing update coming to Minecraft Education—Cloud Upload and Download! This new feature is designed to enhance the educational experience by making your Minecraft worlds more persistent and accessible than ever before.

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A virtual classroom inside of Minecraft

Games in Education: Why it makes sense

The inclusion of games in the educational environment is a relatively recent move that certainly changes the scene of education. This kind of approach not only engages the students but also gives an exciting and flexible environment for education. Merging entertainment with education, the ways that Shapescape is putting to use are setting a whole new benchmark for effective learning.

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Six Million downloads for Disaster Defense!

Disaster Defense, an educational Minecraft World crafted by Shapescape, has just hit a whopping 6 million downloads. That's right, 6 million! This isn't just a game; it's a global classroom that's teaching kids about resilience in the face of natural disasters.

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