Apr 30, 20242 min read

Cloud Storage is coming to Minecraft Education: What it means

We're thrilled to see the announcement of a game-changing update coming to Minecraft Education—Cloud Upload and Download! This new feature is designed to enhance the educational experience by making your Minecraft worlds more persistent and accessible than ever before.

No More Lost Worlds!

Previously, Minecraft worlds were at risk of being lost whenever school IT departments wiped devices or when students had to switch devices. Not anymore! The new cloud storage feature automatically backs students' worlds up to their OneDrive accounts. This means that even if a device is wiped or changed, students can pick up right where they left off without losing any of their creative work.

Continuous Learning Across Terms

One of the most exciting aspects of this update is the ability for Minecraft Education experiences to carry over multiple class terms. This allows educators to plan longer and more involved projects that span several terms, allowing students to engage in more complex and rewarding educational experiences.

The Cloud Upload and Download feature protects student projects from data loss, ensuring their creative and educational efforts are preserved.

A Focus on Learning Persistence

The introduction of cloud storage is more than just a technical update—it's a commitment by Microsoft to learning persistence. By safeguarding students' projects from potential data loss, they are empowered to build, experiment, and learn without boundaries.

Educators can now encourage their students to think bigger and invest in projects that require sustained effort and creativity, knowing that their digital environment supports their educational journey.

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