Using gamification to elevate the way we educate

What is gamification?

Gamification is the approach to apply game principles and playing methods to a non-game context to create an experience that is like playing a game. This is used to engage and motivate the user.

Learning should be fun and enjoyable. Our products encourage and motivate users to learn and remember through playing and exploring immersive experiences.

Let your audience experience something they will remember. Connect a joyful and memorable experience to your brand through gamification; in person at a venue, or from the comfort of their own couch!

Want to give new employees and/or partners a tour of your office, train new employees, or teach company culture? Look no further. Gamification can be used for remote employee training in a fun and memorable way.

Why choose Minecraft or Roblox?

Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world.

From children to adults, many enjoy this game in many ways. It is easy to navigate for newcomers and provides you with unlimited options to customize your project. You will create a positive connection with your project instantly.

Why Shapescape?

Since our inception in 2013 we have created a variety of content.

We have taken part in multiple academic studies to achieve more significant learning, both standing alone and used alongside classroom teaching, books, and other educational tools.

With that and our expertise to bring enjoyable experiences through Minecraft, we are ready to take on your next gamified project!

Here's some gamification stats


increase in knowledge recall when taught through gamification


increase in procedural knowledge when trained with gamification


greater retention of knowledge through gamification


We are proud of the games we make.


Frozen Planet 2

Explore the worlds of Frozen Planet 2 in Minecraft, learn and document about wonderful animals and see how our world is being affected by rapid changes in our climate!


Great Ormond Street Hospital

Explore the Great Ormond Street Hospital and get to know the complex before your visit. Chat and interact with other patients and feel right at home. Walk through the colorful hallways and get comfortable before your stay at the hospital.


Artemis: Rocket Builds

Blast off to the Moon with Artemis: Rocket Builds in Minecraft Education!


Mini Melbourne

Come and design the new Town Hall Station! Use the five different design themes and test them out in the six design spaces. Get inspired by solutions already installed around the world like the piano stairs in Stockholm. Unlock various power-ups by interacting with the NPCs and learning about the different themes. You can also join an archeological excavation site to protect and look for fossils that could be uncovered while redesigning the station! 

Notable Clients

Over the years we have worked on our projects with a variety of partners.

Are you ready to have your next project gamified?

If you want to bring a new and innovative experience to your target audience, contact us and we will make it possible.