Frozen Planet 2

Explore the worlds of Frozen Planet 2 in Minecraft, learn and document about wonderful animals and see how our world is being affected by rapid changes in our climate!

Teaching players about the changes to their enviroment due to rapid climate change.

About the project

We teamed up with Minecraft Education and BBC Earth to deliver a set of 5 worlds that center around Frozen Planet 2, the newest show by Sir David Attenborough. We were tasked with developing the worlds in a way that seamlessly bridges the gap between learning and gaming.

We achieved this through beautiful cinematics with engaging narration, gameplay that emulates the experience of the animals featured on the show, and the implementation of educational resources.

At the end of each episode, the player plays as a researcher, documenting the animals and changes to their environment due to rapid climate change. Each installment features new challenges and environments for the audience to discover and learn about.

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