Using games as a way to tell stories and educate

Featured project


Grave Danger

The castle is under attack by hordes of undead monsters! Protect and free the castle from the invaders with the help of traps, magical weapons, and your trusty companion! Fight zombies, undead plushies, and many more fantastic creatures. Unlock more weapons and traps to help you defend the castle!

Our projects


Disaster Defense

With the Worldbank Group, we created a heavily modified version of Minecraft where earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and floods are a constant threat to the world, and building your house of resilient materials and by resilient methods is important.


Pixels Resource Pack

Give Minecraft a completely new look with the Pixels Resource Pack, a vibrant, colorful and inspiring resource pack that will give any Minecraft world the make-over it needs!


Great Ormond Street Hospital

Explore the Great Ormond Street Hospital and get to know the complex before your visit. Chat and interact with other patients and feel right at home. Walk through the colorful hallways and get comfortable before your stay at the hospital.


Mini Melbourne

Come and design the new Town Hall Station! Use the five different design themes and test them out in the six design spaces. Get inspired by solutions already installed around the world like the piano stairs in Stockholm. Unlock various power-ups by interacting with the NPCs and learning about the different themes. You can also join an archeological excavation site to protect and look for fossils that could be uncovered while redesigning the station! 


Peter Pan's Neverland

Escape your boring bedroom and join Peter Pan on a fun and exciting adventure to the amazing Neverland! Explore the Lost Boy Woods, race down water rapids, meet Tinker Bell, and learn to fly using fairy dust! Defeat Captain Hook and his pirates in a tense fight to get the key to Neverland!



In Clash you take the role of a medieval general to command troops in one of the many battle arenas. You can either fight one of the four bosses or challenge your friends to epic battles to find out who is the best general. Apply different strategies by using different troop types, placing them wisely, and giving the right commands at the right time to lead your army to victory.


Virtual Erasmus

With COVID-19 preventing the usual campus tours for new prospect students, we helped Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, make a virtual solution.