Jul 14, 20232 min read

Six Million downloads for Disaster Defense!

Disaster Defense, an educational Minecraft World crafted by Shapescape, has just hit a whopping 6 million downloads. That's right, 6 million! This isn't just a game; it's a global classroom that's teaching kids about resilience in the face of natural disasters.

What's the buzz about Disaster Defense?

Imagine a Minecraft world where earthquakes shake the ground, hurricanes whip through the air, and floods threaten your home. That's Disaster Defense for you. It's a Minecraft world on steroids, where the challenge isn't just building cool stuff, but building stuff that can withstand Mother Nature's mood swings.

In collaboration with the Worldbank Group, Shapescape has turned the game we all love into a survival guide for a changing planet. Players learn to build houses that can stand up to the elements, using materials like bamboo and techniques like raising houses on stilts. It's all about learning to live with nature, not just in it.

6 Million players around the world learned how resilient building techniques can protect their communities

Gaming for Good

Disaster Defense is part of the 'Resilient World' project, which is all about teaching kids in high-risk countries how to build and live in a world where climate change is a reality. It's about turning the game into a classroom where kids can learn how to protect themselves and their communities in the future.

Learning Can Be Fun, Who Knew?

The game is packed with lessons that are as fun as they are educational. Players get to save their village from various disasters, learning about sustainable building, earthquake effects, flood management, and even coral reef restoration along the way. The best part? All these lessons are woven into the game's narrative, so it feels less like a lecture and more like an adventure.

We turned Minecraft into a survival guide for a changing world.

Celebrating 6 Million Downloads

So here we are, celebrating 6 million downloads of a game that's changing the way we think about education. Disaster Defense isn't just a game; it's a movement, a tool that's preparing our kids for a future where resilience is key. So, here's to 6 million downloads, and here's to millions more!

To join the adventure and learn more about Disaster Defense, check out this page dedicated to Disaster Defense. Let's level up education together!

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