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May 25, 20221 min read

Educating Through Play - Explainer

Shapespape is a game development company that uses the game Minecraft as an engine to create educational and entertaining content for everybody, scroll down to the video below for more info!

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May 24, 20221 min read

Shapescape's Pixels Credits

Shapescape's Pixels Resource Pack released! In this blog post you'll be able to find the credits to the amazing people that made the resource pack possible!

May 16, 20223 min read

Our Rebranding

In April 2022, we announced a new look. Our logo, colors, and typography all got an overhaul. Pretty exciting, if you ask us! This article will give you some insights into Shapescape's big rebranding!

May 13, 20222 min read

Teaching Chemistry in Minecraft

Use chemistry to create new Minecraft items like helium balloons and sparklers, view elements in the periodic table and build a custom laboratory in Minecraft!

Minecraft characters with winter festive background
Jan 14, 20224 min read

Our 2021

We're two full weeks into 2022 now, and that's been two great weeks for us already, but let's talk about our 2021 because that wasn't too bad either!