Great Ormond Street Hospital

Explore the Great Ormond Street Hospital and get to know the complex before your visit. Chat and interact with other patients and feel right at home. Walk through the colorful hallways and get comfortable before your stay at the hospital.

Great Ormond Street Hospital in Minecraft brings comfort to those who need it most.

About the project

This project was special and dear to our hearts. We had done projects for community building before, but the Great Ormond Hospital was different. This project was not only about community building but also about taking away fears. Children that get admitted to the Great Ormond Hospital will be staying there for a while. Their biggest fears are not the coming operations but living in an unfamiliar place away from their family and friends.
Through Minecraft, we can help patients overcome these fears. The hospital was built in a 1:1 scale replicating the playful and intricate design. This way the children can explore the hospital, chat with patients that are already in the hospital, and play games with them. But the use of the map does not stop after being admitted. If a patient must stay in bed due to their circumstances, they can still interact with other patients and roam the hospital from their room to the kitchen, and even to the classroom to participate virtually.
To do all this we worked very closely with our customers and visited the hospital to get a better feel for its dimensions. The whole complex is amazing, especially the entrance area, which was interesting to build.

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