May 13, 20222 min read

Teaching Chemistry in Minecraft

Use chemistry to create new Minecraft items like helium balloons and sparklers, view elements in the periodic table and build a custom laboratory in Minecraft!

World of Chemistry

In the “World of Chemistry”, Minecraft has changed. Instead of getting a bucket of water from the river, you have to mix two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule to get yourself some water. To entertain oneself, you might fill a balloon with helium and see it fly, or you could separate your newly mined iron bars into Fe atoms. The entire periodic table is added to Minecraft, and several experiments have been set up for students to try out.

The World of Chemistry serves as an introduction to the exciting features available in the Chemistry Resource Pack for Minecraft: Education Edition. Inside the world teachers and students will be able to:

  • Learn with a hands-on tutorial how to use the Element Constructor, Compound Creator, Lab Table, and Material Reducer .
  • Use the testing area to create and experiment with new products such as ice bombs, balloons, and super fertilizer .
  • View the new element block in a complete periodic table .
  • Build their own chemistry lab with spaces ready to be customized to their needs.

This world is an example on how far education in Minecraft can be taken and how widely gamification can be applied!

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