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May 24, 20221 min read

Shapescape's Pixels Credits

Shapescape's Pixels Resource Pack released! In this blog post you'll be able to find the credits to the amazing people that made the resource pack possible!


By Shapescape



Lars Rickert

Associate Producer(s)

Bram Wulteputte



Cameron Hecox

Bram Wulteputte


Production feedback
Luca Watschke
Jonatan Eriksson
Angelo Vukovic
Meris Bronja
Felix Beckherrn


Production supervision

Daniel Bartlett



Level design lead

Luca Watschke

Development lead

Marcin Jędrys

Asset creation lead

Angelo Vukovic


Director of production

Przemyslaw Łapiński



Quality Assurance

Bram Wulteputte

Product testers

Tjebbe Leen
Jassen Scharifie


Key Art

Bram van Gent


Jassen Scharifie


Director of marketing

Bram van Gent


Organizational administration

August Gade


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